Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hair Update Part 1

Hey, curlfriends, so it's been a year and a month since I big chopped and I've got to say it has been a hell of an adventurous and experimental year.
So I started off like this:
23 October 2015 
✂October last year was the beginning of my natural hair journey, here I was a complete newbie starting off with a TWA. As much as I always wanted my hair to grow longer and still want it to, the TWA stage was the easiest part of this journey. I could wake up, spritz it with my Daily spritz, and walk out the house without any stress but as my hair started to grow, damn then all the styling had to begin.✂

30 December 2015

I did a lot of experimenting during my TWA days to figure what products worked for me, but I noticed that as my hair grew it became more coarse and I had to change products quite a few times. I always made sure I gave my hair all the TLC it needed, but don't let me fool you I've had  my share of lazy days too. 😔  There were times I'd skip moisturizing, or washing my hair. There were times when I was too tired to put on my satin scarf.  😴😴 But I made sure not to neglect my hair, even when in a Protective Style. I love styling my hair and my go to style was and still is the HIGH PUFF. But unfortunately this hairstyle put tension on my edges, and they started thinning. So I went to a protective style to give my edges a break.


January-April 2016

Thankfully this protective style along with a biweekly castor&olive oil mix massage, my edges thickened again, unfortunately I lost a patch of hair right in the middle of my scalp. I panicked thinking I had Alopecia. Word of advice: Never use the internet to diagnose yourself. I started massaging a mixture of shea butter, castor oil, and olive oil daily on the bald patch and I'm glad to say my hair has grown back. 
I took the picture myself , the bald patch is
 the round area right above this text.
Let me not make this post too long so this is My Hair Update Part 1.  Hair Update Part 2 coming soon. Once again Stay Beautifro 😘😘😘


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