Friday, 29 July 2016

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Single Strand Knots aka SSK

Whatever your natural hair texture/curl pattern is there's a very high chance of you coming across every natural's biggest enemy, Single Strand Knots (SSK’s) aka fairy knots. You can't get rid of every ssk in your hair but you can reduce the number of ssk's you have. There are many causes of ssk's, one cause being your hair curling on itself, another being because of the type of hairstyles we do. Before to deal with something you have to know what it is so here we go. 

What are SSK’s?
A single strand knot is when your hair curls/knots up on itself. SSK's tend to occur towards the ends of our hair since they are the oldest and most manipulated, and since it's the end it's easier for it to curl/ knot itself up.

How to get rid of SSK's:
  1. Proper detangling: Detangling is something we naturals know is a task that shouldn't be rushed, take your time when detangling your hair. One of the best advice I could give you is to section out your air into at least 4 sections when detangling to make it easier to work with.
  2. Protect your hair at night: One of the major causes of single strand knots is the way we sleep. Many women just go straight to bed, without protecting their hair. Wrap your hair in a satin scarf, seal your ends, and go to bed.
  3. Trimming ends occasionally: Trimming your ends on a regular basis decreases your chances of large numbers of ssk's. A method called dusting is a great way of getting rid of ssk's, trim of bit by bit to, this help's get rid of split ends and ssk's.
  4. Moisturize that fro: Moisturized ends are less likely to curl up on itself as the strand will be slippery. To lock in the moisture in you hair you need to seal you hair with  an oil, or a butter.
  5. Protect Ends: Many naturalistas will put on a protective style yet their hair is not protected. When wearing wigs ensure that your hair is braided or twisted underneath. Wear protective styles which has your whole hair protected.
  6. Necessary Wash Days only: Wash your hair when necessary only, avoid regular wash and go's. Cleansing your hair more than required will strip your hair from the natural oils it produces. Your hair needs the natural moisture it produces.
  7. Stretch your ends: If your hair isn't in a protective style it is advised that you stretch your ends, to prevent it form tangling up at night. You can stretch your ends using rollers or the African threading method.