Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Are you suffering from Hand-In-Hair Syndrome?

My inspiration from this post came when I realized how much i play and fiddle with my hair. I knew this wasn't good for my own hygiene and neither was it good for my hair.

What is Hand-In-Hair Syndrome?

Hand-In-Hair syndrome is the inevitable desire to play, fiddle, or touch your hair. It's when fiddling with our hair becomes a normal habit, and you don't even realize you're doing it.

Yes! playing with your hair may seem like a lot of fun, especially when it's not shedding that much. But it's not good for the health of your hair. Your fingers aren't as innocent as they look. You may be asking How do I know if I've got Hand-In-Hair Syndrome? Well if you identify yourself of any of the following behaviours then You've got it:

  1. You can't go a day without playing with your hair.
  2. You redo you hairstyle for no reason
  3. Fiddling with your hair becomes a part of your subconscious 

How do i deal with it?

1. When indoors cover it up:

If you know you'll be staying indoors for the day, keep your hair in a hairnet or wrapped in a satin scarf. When your hair is covered up you're less likely to touch your hair. Just make sure your scarf or net is not too tight around your hairline as this can be deadly for your edges.

2.Do what only can your hands ca do to your hair:

Since you want to have your hands in your hair all the time make sure it's at the right time at for the right reasons. Only touch your hair, when it's time to re-moisturize or fix something that's out of place.

3. Style your hair wisely:

You're less likely to fiddle with your hair if you've got a hairstyle that easily gets messed up when touched. Such as curls, sleek bun, bantu knots, etc. 

4. Keep your hair outta your face:

Keep your hair outta your face, you're less likely to touch your hair if it's out of you face. Styles such as fringes/ bangs cause you to touch your hair even more. You'll be trying to keep the fringe in place or smooth it down. A puff is also a good idea but most of us tend to want to fluff it up all the time.

Monday, 28 March 2016

YouTube Channel Revamped

 As you would have noticed the blog name  and design has changed. Not only have I revamped the blog but I've also revamped the YouTube Channel. I'll try my best to post videos regularly but only time will tell.

So I hope you like the changes and remember to:

        Stay Beautifro

Saturday, 5 March 2016

My New Favourite Product

Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but I've just made a new discovery. I've taken my co-washing seriously and replaced my shampoo with rinse-off conditioner. A few days ago, I was at a local wholesale store, restocking my hair products and searching for a rinse-off conditioner (because the range I use doesn't have one, or maybe I just haven't found it yet). 

I managed to find a rinse off condtioner by Glyco-Lemon a proudly South African Brand. They've got a whole range of hair shampoos, conditioners, and perm rod sets.


I came across their rinse off conditioner and decided to try it, I must say it's a gift from heaven. You'd expect the Curly Girl Method to be a long process but just after one wash, my curl pattern  became visible. Especially the center of my hair. It worked magic in just one wash. I'm definitely recommending this product to you. My hair was not dry after washing my hair, and it had a visible curl pattern. I absolutely loved it. The conditioner is pH Balanced, and better news I didn't find any Sulfates listed in the ingredients. It's a 400ml container so it'll last a while and I only got it for R14.99 what a save.

I've just discovered this product so I'm not sure where it can be found but as soon as I find out where else it is sold, I'll be sure to let you know.

Stay Beautifro